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CCB Why We Work Safely Poster 2013

How do you promote safety within your company family; CCB does it with a family reminder. What better way to remind you just why it is you want to go home safe every day, than to see a picture of a loved one as you head-out onto the jobsite each morning. These posters are displayed on all jobsites right where the crews assemble in the AM before heading for their work areas. There's even a "centerpiece" drawing contest for CCB family members under the age of 16. The selected drawing gets featured as a theme of sorts for the poster. The only requirement for the drawing is to have the word Family somewhere on it. This year’s drawing was created by seven-year-old Thomas Verreault. Thomas is the son a CCB project manager, Jeff Verreault. For his efforts, Thomas will receive a special CCB Safety t-shirt with his drawing screen-printed on it.